Thoughts and Frustrations on Social Media Efforts

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A Slice of Faith Blog – Social Media

Social Media

I’ve recently had an opportunity to respond to a fellow writer friend who was so surprised to see me on Facebook all the time. I felt that I was forced to troll Facebook all the time in order to peddle my other blog, Creative Idea Gal blog. My constant participation in the Facebook “game” felt as if I was selling widgets and was happy collecting $10 after 10 hours of work. I didn’t struggle with my answer. It came out naturally.

I’ve experimented with social media on and off since 2006 and chose to really rev things up to dramatic heights around February 2012, which was coincidentally the same time I experienced that awful thing that led me to start writing A Slice of Faith in the first place.

In that year of burning the midnight oil posting like crazy, retweeting, friending people all over the place, and being kind-hearted by leaving detailed, thoughtful comments all over peoples’ blogs just like a good little obedient child, I find that I’m not any better off than I was when I first started with my social media efforts.

Don’t get me wrong – social media is terrific. It’s fun, a dynamic research tool, and a great place to meet fascinating people. It is not, however, the ideal place to engage people or attempt to influence them into buying your services or your products, despite what everybody else says. Trust me, the marketplace is crowded!

Everybody else has a story to tell – theirs. They might “like” your story by retweeting it, posting an URL on their site, or liking your Facebook page, but that stuff, as I’ve learned the hard way, is artificial. Social media “likes” do not convert to faithful readership or purchases, despite my constant, varied, dedicated efforts! Believe me, I’ve tried! I am the poster child of social media experiments!

I am no Wayne Dyer, Jeff Goins, Carol Tice, or Joanna Penn, to name a few of the people I perceive to be top guns in writing. Everybody else has like a zillion followers. I am happy to be me. And that’s where faith comes in, right? Why rely on man through my artificial social media efforts to spread the word about A Slice of Faith when God will automatically push open the doors of opportunity to my success when he deems the time to be right?

I am prayerfully awaiting that day. In the meantime, I continue to take my own advice and have a slice of faith each day.

About the Author

Amanda M. Socci is an aspiring book author, blogging a book on faith. A Slice of Faith hopes to encourage others to handle problems in their lives by eating a slice of faith each day. Please follow along Amanda’s journey to publication at A Slice of Faith, the blog.

9 thoughts on “Thoughts and Frustrations on Social Media Efforts

  1. A great post.

    Learning how best to use social media and which ones has been a struggle for me, but I am learning that the best way to figure them out is to dive in and feel free to embarrass the hell out of yourself as you learn how not to. :-D

    • Dear Sharon:

      Thank you SO MUCH for your support! I saw that you liked several of my Facebook pages as well as this new blog. I can not thank you enough! Your comment about there not being social media links alarmed me and put me into overdrive. I spent a fair amount of time fixing things up. Hopefully now, things will look better :) Thank you for letting me know.

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