Imagine Paying $4,300 to be a Part of a Book Signing Event!

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I have to say, I’m a little irritated, if not dismayed at the efforts of some book publishers that seek to thwart the success of book authors by sending them to the poorhouse without a legitimate reason. Imagine an aspiring book author like me who is working diligently and thoughtfully on writing a book about faith. That author, me, finds a terrific publisher with outstanding credentials. I click to learn more information and my jaw drops when hit with a gigantic price tag. What gives?

Sadly, it’s true! WestBow Press Publishing, a subsidiary of Christian book publisher Thomas Nelson Publishing, has been sending me e-newsletters to provide me with “discounts” for their publishing packages. The most recent e-newsletter clicked through to a special “opportunity” for book authors to purchase a “Women of Faith Washington D.C. 2013 – Book Signing” and add it to their online shopping cart for a mere $4,299. Yikes! Don’t believe me? See the image below.

The astounding $4,299 price tag for a 1-hour book signing!!!

The astounding $4,299 price tag for a 1-hour book signing!!!

Okay, so I’m reading through the details of what book authors get for shelling out almost five thousand dollars. Basically, they get a “privilege” of being affiliated with WestBow Press and Thomas Nelson. Think of it as a hefty license for a similar privilege of putting a massive Disney banner on your house for an entire month. The privilege does not correlate to the price. It doesn’t make any sense!

Any book author who would commit to WestBow’s Women in Faith book signings will likely be one of several book authors who are seated in the WestBow Press booth during the two-day Women in Faith event, so it’s not as exclusive as they make it out to be. Unless the attendees of the Women in Faith event actually purchase your book, I doubt the book signing portion of the event will be much of a success!

As I continue doing research on prospective book publishers for my book, A Slice of Faith, I keep reading about the benefits of going with one versus another. Although I was initially enamored by the promise of Christian affiliation with WestBow Press, now, I’m quickly changing my mind. Now, I’m just plain disappointed with the $4,000 price tag for the absurd privilege of sitting in a crowded booth with other book authors just for a chance to sell and sign my books during a two-day event in Washington, D.C. It is hardly a bargain!

When people say that book authors have barriers to overcome as they seek publication of their book, they aren’t kidding! These are just my opinions and my perspectives, though. What do you think of shelling out a little over four grand just for an event with a possibility, without any guarantees of book sales?

6 thoughts on “Imagine Paying $4,300 to be a Part of a Book Signing Event!

  1. MREOW! HISS! Hee, hee! You go girl! Absolutely love it! I’ve been to the prestigous LA Times Book Expo, and always wondered what the authors in all these booths had to shell out for the priviledge of hobknobbing with potential readers.

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